Thursday, December 5, 2013

It's a girl!

I'm back!
With a ten-week old baby asleep - for the moment - in her basket.

And a three-year old in childcare.
I just have a few snatched moments as I hear the baby stirring a little. But what I have learned in the past ten weeks is to snatch the time to do things for myself here and there when I can. Waiting for a clear half hour or more makes for a crash course in frustration.
So! We have another baby girl who is getting bigger day by day and is slowly becoming more settled and a little less unpredictable. I’m obviously biased, but I think she is adorable. Just like her big sister.
In the last thirteen weeks since I went parental leave, I have:
  • done a two and a half hour job interview six days before giving birth (not recommended. I was so shattered afterwards I went to bed straight after dinner)
  • given birth via elective caesarean section (of which more another time when it feels a bit more in the dim and distant past. But, in brief, everything went well this time around. Hurrah!)
  • been discharged by my midwife and had two visits from the local Plunket nurses (of which more in another post)
  • felt really upset as I listened to the cries of baby number two as she had her six-week vaccinations. On the plus side, she seemed fine afterwards. 
  • heard people say some really odd things about second children in general and girls in particular (or which more in another post)
  • not had nearly as much as sleep as I’d like and trying not to get my hopes up about her sleeping through the night
  • breastfed the baby, then fed her again, and again, and again ...
  • read both hopeful (a test case for gender pay equity in New Zealand and calls for a shorter working week) and depressing  (the repellent Roast Busters being top of the list) things in the papers about mothers, and girls and women in general. There is still a long way to go to achieve genuine gender equality.
  • felt, so the ending to a million primary school stories goes, ‘tired but happy’.

That’s all I got for now. 
I think I hear the baby calling....